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New York What eats Times billion-plus loss on sale Boston Globe No one wants to sell in a down market. But the New York Times Co. have patience appears terribly expensive. The Times Co. is selling its New England Media Group at Boston Red Sox owner John Henry for 70 million in cash represents a loss of more than … Read more at ten largest professional athletes in New York / Brooklyn sports history Over the years, there has been a lot of good athletes who play in New York. Compiling a list of the best of all time, not an easy task. To this list should clearly an elite athlete player. He also had to play most of his career … Read more at br Alex Rodriguez continues to pretend that it is here to save the Yankees season Howard Simmons / New York Daily News. Is Alex Rodriguez really think they will come back and save the Yankees, or is it all part of an ongoing bluff? Related Articles: Going Down Swinging:.airfare deals
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Report: A-Rod met with Conte

Report: A-Rod met with Conte New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez secretly met with BALCO founder Victor Conte in spring 2012, New York Daily News reports. Rodriguez reportedly wanted Conte advice on legal products that can improve performance. Read more at Schumer calls for more research into diseases Tick As a result, Senator Charles Schumer called on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study new and potentially fatal tick-borne diseases. New York Democrat says the CDC’s look at these two diseases that have been found … Read more at br Dottino: Mission accomplished for the Giants first preseason game first Return to respond. There were few opportunities to either return punts or kickoffs, which means that it has been difficult for some players to help themselves in this area. On kickoffs were RB Michael Cox gets a chance to show what they know about cars, but … Read more at br Reggie Bush says jump over New York Jets linebacker “It was kind of easy” Bush jumped on his first carry with Detroit and New York Jets cornerback Kyle Wilson rushed over to him – but his eyes trained on the ground, he went tip low. So Bush went high. mjm_LionsJetsPreseason_05.JPG Lions congestion … Read more at

Justin Bieber brought home two girls fight for Hamptons: source

Justin Bieber brought two beauties in the Hamptons brawl: source This is a two sexy cocktail waitress who celebrated with Justin Bieber at the Hamptons pad after landing in the middle of a wild brawl at a nightclub singer, including bodyguards. Bhokasub Diana, 24, and Sophia Rayo, 32, was hand selected “Beauty … Read more at br Juggernaut Index 13: . New York Giants If you optimistic Giants fan, so it’s easy to make the team’s 2012 postseason failure as a coincidence after all New York still finished with a winning record and 85 points difference – and, of course, club is a season … Read more at > New York on the top among the best cities to friends NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New Yorkers that the stereotype of rudeness is just a myth, a new list appears to prove it. New York ranks top of the list released this week of the best places for friends, prepared CreditDonkey . com. Read more at br

If Weiner can make it in New York can do it anywhere

If Weiner can make it in New York can do it anywhere NEW YORK, NY – 11th July: New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner attends a number of senior centers and services NYC Mayoral Forum at New York University, July 11, 2013 New York City. Weiner in the race to succeed three-term … Read more at Lady Gaga strips naked Kickstarter project of Marina Abramovic in art in the video Gaga is the “three-day retreat at New York ‘s performative artist Marina Abramovic where practiced “a series of exercises designed to increase participants’ understanding of their physical and mental experience current … Read more at br

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Spike Jonze is “Her” closes New York Film Festival If you can not get a date for the final night in New York Film Festival, you can always bring your notebook computer. Film Society of Lincoln Center said Thursday that the closing night gala choice for this year’s festival will be “her” new … Read more at br looking at New York Times and Big Oil first glance, the shareholders of New York Times encouraging news that Amazon.com ‘s Jeff Bezos paid to the friendship premium to purchase Washington Post newspaper. As Bloomberg put in a recent article, Bezos, who know and … Read more at

Brooklyn man selling cocaine out of the ice cream car: authorities

Brooklyn man selling cocaine out of the ice cream car: the bodies Aaron Showalter (map) New York Daily News Illustration. This map released Brooklyn Public Prosecutor shows how the truck that based on Owls Head Pier in Bay Ridge, Mina Gatas allegedly sold drugs and ice. Gatas worked for me and … Read more at machine different story with these New York Mets COMMENT | Still waiting the New York Mets annual second half collapse? Do not hold your breath. Despite the hard end of the previous two seasons, the Mets make their case to a different outcome in 2013. In fact, right now the Mets happened … Read more at Yahoo news
Oops: Bloomberg warns New York City could have the same fate as Detroit during a speech yesterday in Brooklyn, reminded the mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg voters that difficult decisions faced by the country’s largest city, is serious and that it is possible to go through New York Detroit if … Read more at br

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Frank Serpico pulled into New York Suit fellow whistleblower Adrian Schoolcraft’s Sipkin, Corey / New York Daily News. Hanging NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft secretly recorded police interviews in 2008 and 2009. Related: NO END IN famous New York WHISTEBLOWER Frank Serpico. A court order relating to a $ 50 million … Read more at New York Daily News
Pro-Israel group attacks New York Iran Times Times correspondent The New York Times logo is seen at its headquarters on the 21st April 2011 in New York City (bottom). (Ramin Talaia / Getty Images). TIP What is missing here is the difference between what they actually said Rowhani and original misquote … Read more at br

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New York San Francisco enhance safety (CNN) – As the United States shutters some diplomatic locations worldwide over fears of a possible attack, at least two major U.S. cities accelerate their safety. In New York, officials beefing up police presence, especially … Read more at CNN br smelly residues of in New York City New composting program Hillary Maxwell and her family has a new ritual after eating at their apartment in the neighborhood of Morningside Heights New York. Coffee grounds, egg shells, banana peels – no food waste that would normally throw in the trash – placed … Read more at br Black Sabbath rocks New Jersey PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ – It was obvious from “Sweet Leaf” and “Never Say Die” T-shirts in the crowd, it would be an ordinary concert at PNC Bank Arts Center on Sunday evening. Church of Ozzy Osbourne, was in session. More than … Read more at

Super PAC in New York City to spend millions of dollars to influence local elections

Super PAC in New York City to spend millions of dollars to sway local elections on Sunday, e-mail from a group called “Forward NY” sacking thousands of mailboxes throughout the city, attacking the former governor Eliot Spitzer comeback campaign for governor of the city. “We believe Spitzer lead our country once and failed … Read more at br Terrorism Warning notes crouching in New York City New York City company said it expected global terror alert by the Ministry on Friday to keep visitors away in August, traditionally a busy time for tourism here. State Department issued a worldwide terrorist alert Friday. .. More at Wall Street Journal br

Time Warner Cable drops CBS New York , LA, Dallas

Time Warner Cable drops CBS New York , LA, Dallas 1 primetime network in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and several other markets. Cable network owned by CBS – Showtime, TMC, FLIX and the Smithsonian – also were taken from the air in those markets where approximately three million customers subscribe … Read more at br Bank of New York Mellon Wins Sex Bias Case A federal jury in New York ruled Friday that a woman who was one of 11 people in her department at the Bank of New York Mellon released in 2010, was not the victim of sex discrimination. The case was unusual in that it even went to court. The applicant … Read more at New York Times br